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We supply a vast range of Mobility Scooters from all the major manufacturers.

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Class 2 Scooters are restricted to indoor and pavement use - they can be used to cross roads where needed but are not permitted to be driven on the road. They have a maximum speed of 4 mph.

Class 3 scooters tend to be larger and heavier can can be used on the roads where they can travel at up to 8 mph. They can switch to a maximum of 4 mph for pavement and indoor use. Class 3 Scooter users do not need a driving license but are expected to obey the highway code. You are required to register with the DVLA and display a tax disc (free of charge). Our Mobility Advisers will be pleased to complete the necessary paperwork for you. Class 3 vehicles are not allowed on motorways or bus/cycle lanes.

For convenience we group Mobility scooters into three categories: Compact, Mid-Size and Heavy Duty.

Mini or Compact Scooters are designed to be easily dismantled and transported in a car boot to shops and leisure areas. They are ideal for indoor use and in confined spaces. These scooters fall into Class 2 with a maximum speed of 4mph and a typical maximum range is 8-15 miles

Mid-Size Scooters are not generally designed to be easily dismantled but can still be transported. Designed for more substanial use, they can travel outdoors over rougher terrain and have a higher load carrying capacity. These scooters fall into Class 2 with a maximum speed of 4 - 6 mph for pavement use and a typical maximum range of 20-25 miles.


Heavy Duty Scooters
These scooters fall into Class 3 and so have full road equipment including lights, indicators and mirrors. They are designed for heavy duty use and are capable of carrying larger weights over longer distances. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Maximum speed is 8mph for road use switching to 4 mph for pavement use. Designed with full suspension for the most comfortable ride.

We also stock a wide range of Scooter Accessories please click here for details

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Compact Scooters
over 24 models to choose from - prices from £525



Mid Size Scooters
over 25 models to choose from - prices from £850



Heavy Duty Scooters
over 23 models to choose from - prices from £1495