Moving and Handling

Transfer and handling equipment


This is just a small selection from our range of moving & handling aids - please call us with your requirements if they are not shown here.

Self Glide Transfer Board

Durable polyethylene seated transfer board for assisted or independent transfers up to 20 st (130kg). Ideal for quick independent transfer - two rubber pads on the underside provide increased safety. Used successfully by the ambulance service. Size 200mm x 500mm (73/4 x 191/2"). Code: AA8832

Short Transfer Board

This laminated durable plywood board is ideal for bed, wheelchair and car transfers. Varnished top facilitates friction free transfer. Chamfered ends ensure aid positioning during transfers. Length 600mm (24"). Width 210mm (8.5"). Code: AA8810

Turntable Medidisc

A small, lightweight stand-on turntable with flexible rim allows the carer to control turning action. Non-slip studs on underside. Diameter 380mm (15"). Weight 1kg. Max user weight 18 st (115kg). Code: AA8865


Orbi-Turn Patient Turner

The Orbi-Turn has been designed for carers to facilitate standing and seat-to-seat transfers, whilst minimising the risk of injury to themselves and the patient. It allows a user with moderate upper and lower limb strength to participate in functional transfers whilst ensuring good working postures for carers and therapists. Thigh pad gives secure and supportive contact point for increased stability and comfort during transfers. Maximum user weight 30 stone (190kg) Two rear castors provide easy transport Front mounted sprung castor assists the carer in positioning the Orbi-Turn once feet are in position Folds flat for transport and storage. Height adjustable from 815 to 1315mm Steel frame for durability and strength, weighs 15kg. Code: 116 6883

Four Way Glide Sheet

This high quality, two-part system for use on a bed has been specifically developed for use where clients need frequent turning and repositioning or where lateral transfer, leaving the client on the top sheet, is required. The nylon under sheet fits over the mattress and the cotton top quilt is placed over the top providing a low friction surface and giving movement in four directions. The top quilt can be 'locked' into position to prevent movement, for example, when sitting the client up in bed. Available with either a cotton cover or wipeable PU cover. The quilt and under sheet are available separately. Both the under sheet and top quilt can be machine washed and dried at 80°C.
Code: AA8843


Over Bed Pole Hoist

This frame is placed under the bed base to give a stable overhead support pole for those who find it difficult to rise out of bed. Designed for raising a person to a sitting position and not lifting the entire weight of the person off the bed. Reach min 300mm (114/5"). Max 625mm (243/5"). Max height of frame 2m (6' 7"). Weight 14kg. Note: if using a divan bed it will need to have 45mm (13/4") clearance. Max user weight 14 st (89kg). Code: AA3670

Hop Lift HoistThe reduced dimensions of this hoist make it ideal for use in small houses or where space is restricted. It is lightweight and dismantles into two parts for storage and transportation. High stability, along with the correct sling choice, allows it to lift a person from the floor. A pedal system is used to open the legs of the base to facilitate use. Weight 29.3kg. Max user weight 23 stone (150kg). Code: AA8902

Do call us for all your moving and handling needs. If we have not got the item you require in stock we will try and source it for you.