Scooter and Power Chair Hire

Hire Service for Major Outdoor Events


Our aim is to enable people with impaired mobility to be able to enjoy easier access to outdoor events.

Able bodied people take participation in outdoor events and shows for granted. People who are elderly or have a lack of mobility are often not able to take part and are therefore disadvantaged.

Although the Disability Discrimination Act promises opportunities of equal access to all, this is still not a reality at many outdoor events. We attend most major outdoor shows in the South East and bring a small fleet of Mobility Scooters and Power Chairs with us which we make available for short term hire.


We work with event organisers to ensure that all visitors, whatever their age or disability have the opportunity of participating fully.

Manual wheelchairs and walking aids are sometimes impractical to use in outdoor environments and for some the cost of having their own powered mobility equipment for occasional use is not financially viable.


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We think that providing short term hire just for the day you are attending the event is the sensible solution. The number of scooters and power chairs we are able to bring to each event is limited, so do make contact in advance to confirm availability.

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