Pressure Care

Foam & Gel Cushions, Pads, Protectors and Overlays


This is just a small selection from our range of Pressure Care aids - please call us with your requirements if they are not shown here ...

Gel Cushion
Wheelchair users and seated patients need a reliable cushion that will prevent the onset of these sores and where necessary assist in the management of existing sores. This cushion has a carefully designed 'no lump' gel sac with bactericide incorporated into a foam exterior.

It assists patient movement and gives excellent stability in use. It reduces interface pressures and provides ischial and perineal pressure protection. Covered in a breathable fabric that is waterproof and can be wiped clean. Two way PU coated nylon stretch permanent cover. Size 17 x 17 x 3.25". AA3957

Anyway Cushion
Many of the chairs in day rooms, wards and sitting areas are far from comfortable and certainly not pressure relieving.

This general purpose cushion is designed to improve comfort and pressure distribution for wheelchair and seated users who have low to medium risk of pressure sores. It reduces interface pressures and can be used any way up and any way around. The multi-stretch PU coated nylon cover can be wiped clean easily. Size19 x 19 x 3.25". AA3958


Russka 2500 Pressure Relieving System
This clinically developed mattress overlay adjusts internal pressure to individual patient's Body Mass Index. This low air loss overlay provides proven treatment success to patients at risk of pressure areas. Micro-perforations on the overlay facilitate an improved microclimate and lying stability is improved due to the two-chamber system. Supplied with a vapour permeable cover. Suitable for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers up to and including level III on the Norton scale, and for immobile patients who use a standard mattress and rely on optimal cushion pressure distribution. Overlay height when filled is 110mm. The control unit is virtually noise and vibration-free, allows high-quality resting comfort and enhances the quality of life of bedridden patients. When the patient changes positions, the automatic pressure adaptation feature quickly modifies the pressure required in the overlay. AA3946A

Dunlopillo Ring Cushion
Fire retardant latex foam ring for comfort when sitting. Cover sold separately. Diameter 17".

Cushion      AA3942 Cover


Elbow & Heel Protectors
Cushioned heel and elbow protectors with a foam pad which can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and extended care facilities.

Can be machine washed and dried with a stretchable body - knitted proportionately. Medication can be applied to pad when needed. Supplied in pairs in three different sizes:

Order Code Max Length Weight
A731S 230 mm (9 in) 65 g
A731M 280 mm (9 in) 70 g
A731XL 330 mm (9 in) 75 g

Inflatable Seat Cushion

An inexpensive inflatable cushion for improved comfort and air circulation when seated. Inflates easily by mouth. Size 455 x 455mm (18 x 18"). AA3936

Do call us for all your Pressure Care needs. If we have not got the item you require in stock we will usually be able to obtain it for you.