Medical Adjustable Beds

Clinical, Hospital Style Power Beds and Mattresses


Casabeds Clinical Power Beds
These extremely adjustable beds are used to support and even relieve pain in the head, neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, thighs, lower legs and feet.

Med Ultra FS - 19908

Med Ultra FS - 19909

Med Classic FS - 19847

Med Classic FS - 19849


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How elevating beds can help you

Med Classic FS Low - 10156

Classic Low, side rails - 1056SWR

Med SE Low - 22036

Ultra Low, side rails - 21755


Med II - 19865
Scissor mechanism bed with increased working load capacity

Casa Nuova - 19952
With polypropylene ends and metal mattress support to assist with hygiene. Also available with tilt function & battery backup

Casa Nuova II - 21984
Available with metal tube mattress support in standard and low versions. Also available with tilt function & battery backup


Dyna-Form Mattress Range
A range of clinical mattresses with composite foam specifications to suit most pressure care needs

Mercury - DF101

Saturn - DF102

Venus - DF103

Jupiter - DF1040