Our Guide to Buying Mobility Products

Pitfalls to avoid and why it's important to try before you buy


The internet and newspaper ads provide a bewildering range of offers on rise & recline chairs, scooters, ajustable beds, wheelchairs and other mobility products - but how do you choose the product that's exactly right for you?

As one of the leading providers of UK mobility products we list below some points you might consider before finalising a purchase.

Don't just buy on price
We've been in the care business for over 20 years and pride ourselves in helping our many customers select the product that is exactly right for their needs. Our website provides information on our complete range that enables an informed decision to be made. It does not show a price as we are aware that when a decision is made purely on price, without a discussion or experiencing the product, it is possible the wrong one can be made.

Look for a really wide choice of products
This website provides pictures and detailed specifications on a huge range of mobility items. We feel it enables 80-90% of the decision to be made with at least the range narrowed. A visit to one of our shops, located in Folkestone and Birchington, then offers a discussion with an experienced mobility staff member who can answer your questions and advise on the best product to meet your needs.


Do try the product before you buy
With the extensive range we carriy it means you can try the product of your choice whilst having any questions you may have answered. In addition we are happy to visit and give a demonstration in your home at no cost and with no obligation to purchase.

Check what delivery service is offered
Price can be a key factor in any choice, particularly when you could be spending hundreds of pounds. Our price includes delivery to your home, set up in the location you specify and ensuring you are familiar and are happy with how the product works before we leave. When purchasing from newspaper ads or the internet it is important that you ensure the price stated includes delivery to your address so that you have a fair comparison of a similar product delivered to your location. Many web companies trading just on price just deliver a large heavy box to your door, leaving you to move it to the final location unpack and assemble as required.


What about after sales service?
Once you have purchased, is that it? - it is with some ads and websites. Safe Hands Mobility has a different approach - in addition to our Mobility Centres we have fully trained engineers that can carry out repairs at your chosen location or at our Service and Repair Centre. While your equipment is with us we offer collection and delivery replacement service (where applicable) for the period of work, in order to minimise the impact to your daily life.

So yes, it is sometimes possible to buy at a lower price - but given the importance of the larger mobility products we feel a combination of choice, product demonstration, delivery & set up in your own home is far more important.

And now we offer a further benefit of a made to measure service on Rise and Recline chairs

Why not contact us now to arrange a demonstration or personal consultation?